Meditation Within


I am offering the book and an 8×10 print of the cover photograph “Meditation Within” (see prints), printed on the same Fuji Crystal Archival paper I use on my prints for sale.

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Ever since learning, as a small boy,  about Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s life and accomplishments, I have always appreciated his enlightening and thought-provoking words.

I have tried to meld my large format images with the good Dr.’s words in a spiritual/ethereal way, as opposed to a literal reflection. I have felt his words for decades and I’d love to imagine, when in the field shooting, I gravitate toward the essence of my surroundings with his words and thoughts  “meditatively” within me.

I am most grateful for the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship’s permission to allow me to use Dr. Schweitzer’s words with my natural landscapes.

I would like to offer all of my images in my collection paired with Dr. Schweitzer’s inspirational words and thoughts in a beautiful, glossy, durable softcover edition on thick lustre pages. Printed and bound in the USA.

A Biography of Albert Schweitzer

albert-schweitzer2Albert Schweitzer was born on January 14th, 1875 in a country village in Alsace (then part of Germany; later part of France). He initially seemed destined for a career in music and gained a reputation as an accomplished organist for his interpretation of Bach’s works.

Instead, he followed the same calling as his father – that of becoming a pastor. But his strong yearning towards a more direct service to humanity led him to study medicine.  He received his degree with a specialization in tropical medicine and surgery at the age of 38.

Having decided to go to Africa as a medical missionary, he set up a hospital that for more that 50 years became a contemporary shrine. He duplicated an African village to which he attached his hospital in which sick members would not be separated from their relatives.

Physician, minister, scholarly theologian, environmentalist, musician and musical scholar, antinuclear activist and philosopher are a few of the many assets of this man who believed strongly in his “Reverence for Life” philosophy.

His friend, Albert Eisnstein said Schweitzer “did not preach and did not warn and did not dream that his example would be an ideal and comfort to innumerable people. He simply acted out of inner necessity.”