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Meditation Within – BOOK AND IMAGE PACKAGE


I would like to offer all of my images in my collection paired with Dr. Schweitzer’s inspirational words and thoughts in a beautiful, glossy, durable softcover edition. Thick lustre pages, printed and bound in the USA.

Special package offer $99 – for book and 8 x 10 print of the cover photograph!



MacDougal Street West

Excited for the opportunity to return to his musical roots, Rick loves to find the seemingly simple, yet deceptively complex, harmonies of Peter, Paul and Mary so that their magical sound can be immediately felt and appreciated to audiences of MacDougal Street West.

Playing guitar since my early teens, music has always been a huge part of my life. I also, early on, loved seeing through the lens of a camera and admired greatly when a story could be told well through film….both still and moving.

Graduating Emerson College in Boston, Ma. with a double major in Film Production and Photography,  I ventured to the land of La La and landed in Los Angeles. The years in Hollywood were filled with all sorts of grand distractions. Among them: production manager and film editor on several feature films, film editor for Orson Welles, Writers Guild of America  screenwriter, still photographer for Capitol Records, CBS Television Network on-air promotion writer/producer, (including the “infamous” “Who shot J.R.?” campaign) and Pita Bread truck driver.

Feeling a strong need to get back to a more personal approach to storytelling and visuals, I returned to the still camera and the natural landscape that I cherished and sorely missed. In order to capture the natural beauty without compromise, I needed to shoot with the largest camera possible (pre-digital) and taught myself the large format view camera and, as long as my back holds out, will continue working in this age-old tradition.

Living for the last 25 years in Prescott, Arizona I am now branching out and recording my music professionally, writing scenarios to visually accentuate the songs and then filming and editing the “short story” music video…..feels like L.A. days 40 years later!

Why should any of us limit our creativity? …if it fails, a lesson learned and onto the next project.

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